Reasons for Treating Teens & Young Adults:

  • Puberty can cause aches and pains due to growth in the body which needs to be balanced.
  • Neck, head, finger, wrist, and joint pain from computer, tablet, or smartphone use.
  • Injuries from Car Accidents or Sports
  • Proactively identify issues before they develop long term conditions

Neck, head, finger, wrist, and joint pain from countless hours on the computer, tablet, or smartphone are also essential signals your body is giving you that all say, time to visit your chiropractor, something is not right and it is not because your body is lacking pain medication, coffee or mountain dew!

The next generation of teens and young adults are most susceptible to long-term issues impacted form the hours and days on end use of technology. We love technology too, but just be sure to pay attention to your body and keep up with regular treatments to keep your body in check.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones, are contributing to neck, head, finger, wrist, and joint pain at premature ages in our young teens and adults.

It may not just be “a phase they are going through.” With puberty, comes not only hormonal changes, but also many undescribed aches and pains, which are not normal and taking pain relievers to help with the pain may lead to long term abuse of over the counter medications that we do not want to introduce to our young adults. Unbalanced growth in the body can lead to chronic issues to fix later in life which also will take longer to treat.

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