My son’s journey began with a c-section. I brought him to see Dr. Brenda Fortin at Fortin Health & Wellness Clinic in Hamel, MN as a referral from my best friend and her fiancé. Complications from birth left my son with acid reflex, restricted breathing, constipation, and he spit up frequently. Dr Brenda Fortin began treating his spine, pelvis, and jaw on the first visit with noticeable improvements. My son has been seeing Dr. Brenda Fortin for 4 months now and his symptoms have been resolved. My son and I highly recommend Fortin Health & Wellness, the staff is amazing.

Ashley K.

I work at a desk Mon-Fri and clean for Friends & Family on the weekends. The weekend cleaning can wreak havoc on my back and the desk job strains my neck and shoulders. I’ve been getting chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Brenda Fortin for over a year now. It’s worked out so well for me that I also started bringing my 17 year old son to her for adjustments now too. I threw my back out twice, a couple years ago, and had back issues for a long time after that. Then I started having pain at the lower right part of my back. I was visiting my general practioner regularly about my pains but all he could tell me (after several visits) was that it was my Sacroiliac joint. I had also learned, several years ago, that I have a curvature in my spine and I’m extra cautions because I have a LONG family history with degenerative discs and terrible back issues. I initially started going to Dr. Brenda just to fix my pain. She worked a few adjustments on me and I started to feel better quickly. (I haven’t thrown my back out since either). However, I decided to continue gong to Dr. Brenda for regular preventative maintenance to keep up my alignment (since I know I don’t always lift things right or use perfect posture). When I leave her office I feel like I’ve been loosened up and have the appropriate mobility I should have. While we (myself & my son) are in her office getting our adjustments, she’s also constantly giving us health information, based off things we tell her, & techniques on how to improve our overall well being. She’s made one or two product suggestions for purchase but has NEVER made me feel like I needed to purchase anything. My experience with her (and her staff) has always been top notch and she easily deserves an A+.

T. Anderson

I went to Dr. Fortin or Dr. B as we like to call her, with frozen shoulder. Frozen Shoulder (aka Adhesive Capsulitis) is when the shoulders lose motion and have pain with movement due to inflammation. It is a very painful thing to have. Imagine you couldn’t raise your arms more then shoulder lengths or behind your back without searing pain. The muscles lock up and tendons tighten. I was in a place where after 6 months of physical therapy to stretch and loosen the muscles, I was still having no luck in regaining my motion back. Seeing Dr. Brenda and Cheryl for massage therapy, I’ve made more progress in a month then I had previously. Thank you two for allowing me to once again, reach over my head and behind my back to live an unrestricted life.

Jeff S.

Dr. Brenda & Cheryl went out of their way to give me extraordinary care. A severe ankle injury & surgery left me in a boot & non weight bearing for 8 weeks followed by complications of swelling and a blood clot. I was unable to climb the stairs to see Dr. Brenda for treatment so Dr. Brenda and Cheryl carried equipment downstairs to the Legion Hall meeting room, partitioned off an area for privacy, where Cheryl gave me a wonderful 1 hour massage followed by chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Fortin. She phoned my husband when I was dressed and they pushed me in my wheelchair, up the ramp and out to the parking lot to wait for my husband to come back to get me. They even waited with me till he came! They went the extra mile to relieve the shoulder, hip and back pain I’d developed from being immobile for several months. What a GREAT team. I’m so lucky to have them.

Marilyn M.

I have been going to Dr. Brenda for over a year. Since I clean houses for a living, I often, need my back and neck adjusted. She is the greatest……

Karen F.

After suffering from excruciating lower back pain off and on for a year, Dr. Brenda fixed me up in only a couple of quick and painless sessions. So friendly and helpful! She truly cares about you and your health, and I still receive friendly postcards and newsletters to keep me in the loop!

Kirk R.

Dear Dr. Brenda Fortin, I have been a patient of yours now for some time. As a man with a disability (paraplegic) I have had a number of difficulties as the result of a couple of different accidents. Your ability to relieve so much of my pain, and improve my mobility I have found to be remarkable. Typical western medical approaches have done little to heal these problems, however your methods work wonders. Thank you so much for all your help, and I would recommend Fortin to any one with pain.

Joseph B.

I started seeing Dr. Brenda after a incident that left my neck and shoulders in agonizing pain to where I couldn’t sleep at night or turn my head to the side. I honestly did not believe in Chiropractics and was very skeptical on whether this would actually work. To my great surprise after the first session I left feeling relief and only after a couple times I was back to normal. I was and am very grateful for Dr. Brenda because I am a dental hygienist which puts a lot of strain on my neck, shoulder, and back muscles and she helps me to keep everything in alignment and free of aches and pains so I can be more effective and focused in my career. Thank You Dr. Brenda!

Angi H.

Thanks for helping me lower my pain level with acupuncture.

Richard D.

I have been going to Dr. Brenda for a few years. I work in a group home and she has done wonders on my body. My hips, back, and neck always need adjustments. In the spur of the moment she will always try to fit you in. She also cured my problem of fluid behind my ear drum. I was getting vertigo from it and she cleared it up with her special hands. She’s awesome!!! She’s a friend !!!

Phoebe S.

I love Dr. Brenda! She is a miracle worker! The flexibility with her schedule is appreciated, being able to squeeze me in any time makes it very convenient. I just moved to Chicago, I can’ find anyone like her. My neck and lower back miss you greatly!

Jessica H.

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