Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a women’s life. It is important to be healthy before getting pregnant and throughout your pregnancy. Dr. Fortin knows this as she has 2 daughters of her own (9 & 5 years old)

Chiropractic is a healthy, safe and an effective care during pregnancy. A few conditions that chiropractic care has helped with during pregnancy are: headaches, neck pain, low back pain, numbness in legs, foot pain, morning sickness, and stress reduction.

While you are pregnant it is important to make sure that your nervous system is also functioning at its optimal level for you and your baby which is achieved through chiropractic adjustments.

As your belly grows, your spine and pelvis have extra stress placed on them. Your spine and pelvis start to extend back to gain more space for baby. Your pelvis is also starting to prepare for labor and delivery. Getting adjusted will help you accommodate your growing belly as your pelvis is shifting with baby.

We also have one of the most technically Technically Advanced Chiropractic Tables for Expecting Moms available featuring an elevated up/down and high/low so we can treat you in a very comfortable manner. The table also drops in the middle to help with pregnant moms. The hydraulic tilt goes from horizontal to 70 degrees so you never have to climb up or down the table.

Dr. Fortin recommends the following treatment plan for expecting mothers. Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Fortin will also help you with changing your diet and adding supplements to keep you and your developing baby healthy.

Weeks (1-25)
Once a month chiropractic treatments

Weeks (26-30)
Every two weeks for chiropractic treatments

Weeks (31-due date)
Once a week chiropractic treatments.

After baby is born it is also recommended to be adjusted to help get your spine and pelvis back to normal and also to help your body accommodate your new center of gravity with no belly or baby.

Traditional Delivery
Your treatments should start about one to two weeks after baby is born.

C-Section Delivery
Dr. Fortin recommends waiting till the fourth week after your surgery for any chiropractic treatments.

What About Your Baby?
One person that we often forget who also needs chiropractic care is your new baby. You remember the pain and stress you went through? So did your baby! It is hard work on baby and on their spine and pelvis to go through the birth canal or to be taken out of the uterus by C-section. Chiropractic care has helped many babies with colic, ear infections and spitting up. Early correction of spinal misalignments will lead to better development of a healthier baby as they grow into young children.

Your children are also welcome to come in for your visit. We have toys and books available for them to play with as you are getting treated.

Visit our Children and Chiropractic Page for more in-depth details on the treatment of children.

Call today 763-478-3978 if you have any questions, to make an appointment or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Fortin to see if Chiropractic is right for you. We are an honest, family friendly clinic and would love to help your family.