Scoliosis is a very common condition with over 3 million reported cases each year.

Everyone has curves in our spines, but scoliosis causes the spine to curve in the wrong direction. It causes sideways curves, and those are different from your spine’s normal curves.

When looking at your spine from behind, you shouldn’t see any curves. When there are sideways curves in the spine from the rear view, that’s scoliosis.

A chiropractor specializes in treating the misalignments of the spine and is the best doctor to evaluate a developing spine.  This is so important for young children and growing adolescents to be checked as this can be treated when detected early without the ill side effects of back braces or costly surgeries.

Research studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments are effective for treating scoliosis

Dr. Brenda FortinWe see many young children and adults in our clinic nearly every week with scoliosis, and the good news is that Dr. Brenda Fortin has 16 years of experience, so you are indeed coming to the right place to be evaluated for the treatment and diagnosis of scoliosis.

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