ColicColic often frightens parents and causes them to ask themselves and others, “What could I possibly be doing wrong?” The answer is nothing. The truth is you are not alone, even though it often feels that way. Colic affects nearly 25% of all infants.  Having two children of her own and treating hundreds of young babies over the years, Dr. Brenda Fortin is very comfortable treating first time kids and offers a very caring experience for the parents in a safe atmosphere.

The causes of colic are generally not known; but below are a list of the commons signs and symptoms of colic.

  • Arching back while crying
  • Clenching of fists
  • Crying that lasts several hours
  • Drawing knees up to tummy
  • Excessive crying that usually starts at the same time each day
  • Infant is usually healthy otherwise
  • Intense Crying Bouts
  • Red / Flushed face

There are many routes to take in treating colic including over the counter and prescription medications that are likely to produce harmful side effects.  Keeping in mind, that these medications are merely treating the symptoms, but do not get to the root cause.

While there is no magic cure for colic, there is an all-natural alternative that looks at correcting nerve interference in your infant’s nervous system which is chiropractic care.

Chiropractic can be helpful to babies with colic because:

  • Chiropractors address the underlying cause of your baby’s colic; they don’t just treat symptoms.
  • Today’s chiropractic adjustments are safe and natural, yes even for infants.
  • Chiropractic adjustments restore proper nervous system functioning which results in colic relief.

Dr. Brenda FortinIt’s our purpose to help people live healthier lives.   If you have read this page, then you or someone close to you have likely been experiencing symptoms of colic and need to take the next step in freeing them from pain and moving in the direction of living a healthier life.  Schedule an appointment today using our online form or call us via phone 763-478-3978.